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The Labor Force Behind the Leisure: Staffing Needs of a Thriving RV Resort

Recreational Vehicle (RV) resorts are a unique segment within the hospitality industry, offering a blend of outdoor adventure and comfort. Unlike traditional hotels, RV resorts require a distinct approach to staffing due to their expansive nature and the specific needs of RV travelers. This article explores the labor force dynamics necessary to successfully operate an RV resort.

1. Front Office and Guest Services: The Welcome Crew

The front office staff at an RV resort includes receptionists and guest service agents who handle reservations, check-ins, and guest inquiries. A team of around 5-10 staff members is typical for a medium-sized resort, providing efficient service and a warm welcome to guests.

2. Groundskeeping and Maintenance: Keeping the Great Outdoors Great

One of the largest teams in an RV resort is the groundskeeping and maintenance crew. This team, which can number 10-20 employees, is responsible for maintaining the RV sites, landscaping, roads, and common areas. They ensure that the natural beauty of the resort is well-preserved and that facilities are in top condition.

3. Housekeeping and Sanitation: Ensuring Cleanliness and Hygiene

While guests at an RV resort typically use their own RVs for accommodations, housekeeping staff are still essential for maintaining the cleanliness of communal areas, restrooms, and amenities like clubhouses or event spaces. A team of around 10-15 housekeepers and sanitation workers is often sufficient for a mid-sized resort.

4. Recreational Activities Coordinators: Facilitating Fun

RV resorts often offer a range of recreational activities, requiring a team of coordinators and instructors. This could include swimming pool attendants, fitness instructors, event coordinators, and guides for outdoor activities. Depending on the range of amenities offered, this team could comprise another 10-15 employees.

5. Food and Beverage Services: Catering to Culinary Needs

If the resort includes dining facilities or a convenience store, a small team of chefs, cooks, waitstaff, and store attendants is necessary. This team, typically around 10-15 people, caters to the culinary needs of the guests, enhancing their overall experience.

6. Security: Safeguarding the Resort

Security personnel are crucial in ensuring the safety and security of guests and the resort property. A team of about 5-10 security staff can effectively monitor and manage a mid-sized RV resort.

7. Administrative and Management Staff: The Organizational Core

Administrative staff, including resort managers, HR personnel, and accounting staff, form the backbone of the resort's operations. This team, generally comprising around 5-10 individuals, manages the overall functioning of the resort.


Operating a successful RV resort requires a diverse and skilled labor force, typically ranging from 50 to 100 staff members, depending on the size and scope of the resort. Each team, from front office to groundskeeping, plays a vital role in creating a memorable experience for guests. RV resorts are unique in their need for staff who are not only skilled in their specific roles but also share a passion for the outdoors and hospitality. This workforce is the key to blending the freedom and adventure of RV travel with the comfort and amenities of a top-tier resort, ensuring guests have an enjoyable and hassle-free stay.

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